The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) is working with partners to form the statewide Maternal Coalition and Action Network (MOMsCAN)—a Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PQC)—to lower maternal and infant mortality rates in Pennsylvania and achieve excellent attachment and outcomes for the mom and baby. The goal is to standup MOMsCAN in 2019 with partners across the Commonwealth. MOMsCAN will use research, training, quality improvement, technical assistance, and payment models to:

  1. Convene key stakeholders to establish a common vision, consensus on best practices, and a roadmap for how to move the current state to the ideal state
  2. Analyze common quality metrics across participating health systems to identify improvement opportunities
  3. Assist community agencies, healthcare organizations, and maternity care teams in adopting best practices for perinatal care
  4. Spread bundled perinatal payment models to support the adoption of best practices



You can download the 2-page MOMsCAN policy brief here: MOMsCAN Summary

For more information on MOMsCAN and to find out how to get involved, contact