2017 WHAMGlobal - Pittsburgh “Big Idea” Challenge
$10,000 Prize
Submissions are now closed.

WHAMGlobal Pittsburgh is looking for the next “big lever” to improve women’s health and health equity in western Pennsylvania. Yes, a lever. A lever is a sturdy bar resting on a pivot that moves a heavy load from one end to another. We want a lever that can move some aspect of women’s health from where it is today, to where it should be. The load will move farther and faster if many people, many networks, and many voices are pushing together to create movement!

Do you have an idea and solution around an aspect of women’s health that could use $10,000 and the backing of WHAMGlobal? We're accepting video applications of big ideas to improve women's health and health equity.


Video Submission Criteria

  • your idea should be actionable, impact women’s health on a broad scale, and activate women across our entire region to work together
  • the application must be a one-minute video of you, or a representative of your non-profit organization, articulating the idea and solution (the video should be simple, easy, fun, creative; not professionally done)
  • the video format should be .mp4, .wmv, or .mov
  • the topic of the video should fall in one of these five categories:

    • Mental Health or Substance Misuse
    • Patient & Consumer Activation (safety, quality, access, equity)
    • Social & Environmental Determinants of Health
    • Violence
    • Women's Health Issues

  • the video must include a potential solution
  • you may submit more than one video application (example: one in mental health and one in violence)
  • the submitting organization must be a 501(c)(3)



Video application deadline April 30, 2017
Judges review all video applications and select the finalists May, 2017
Finalists are notified that they have been selected to pitch their “Big Idea” live at the WHAMGlobal Pittsburgh event and receive presentation guidelines May, 2017
WHAMGlobal Pittsburgh event — Finalists will have five minutes in front of a live audience at the August Wilson Center to present their “Big Idea” and solution. Each presentation will be followed by Q&A from a panel of judges. One winner will be selected June 26, 2017

Stay tuned for the announcement of the finalists; support them at the June 26 event. Invitations to follow.

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