Why aren't there more female CEO's?

14 Feb 2017 11:02 #80 by Pat Mastors
This is one reason I have hope for more women entering public office. I think this will be a legacy of recent political events - perhaps a silver lining?

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08 Feb 2017 09:32 #76 by Pauline Taylor
This article is from 2006 but it has a powerful message about how "ambition can blossom at any time".

8 years olds, male or female, both desire achievement at equal levels. If this desire continued at the same intensity years on you would think we would have more female CEO's and more women in congressional seats. That is not the case. The author notes three issues that rein in women's ambitions. 1. aversion to risk taking 2. discrimination in the workplace 3. unconscious bias. However the author goes on to note that ambition can blossom at any age and transparency (clear methods of evaluation) helps too. By the end of the article I had hope for change to occur, not just for the next generation of women but for the potential of women in the workforce now.


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