Pennsylvania Perinatal
Quality Collaborative

The PA PQC is working to reduce maternal mortality and improve care for pregnant and postpartum women and newborns affected by opioids.

The PA PQC is administered by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and WHAMglobal, and it is affiliated with the Northeast PQC (NEPaPQC)

The Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PA PQC) kicked off its launch on April 24, 2019, in Harrisburg, PA, with a focus on reducing maternal mortality and improving care for pregnant and postpartum women and newborns affected by opioids. The April 24 event at the Harrisburg Hilton was the first gathering of healthcare professionals who will work across disciplines to improve maternity care for mothers and infants and to prevent needless mortalities. PQCs are networks of teams working to improve the quality of care for mothers and babies across prenatal, labor/birth, newborn, and postpartum services. They identify processes that need to be improved and quickly adopt best practices to achieve collective aims. Please visit the sections below to learn about the goals and key interventions, and please visit Get Involved to contact or join the PA PQC. You can also download a brief about the PA PQC here. To access the presentation, webinar recording and FAQs from the introductory webinar on March 11, 2019, please click the hyperlinks.
Opioid Use Disorder
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Maternal Mortality
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