Get Involved in the PA PQC.


To join the PA PQC as a provider organization, please complete this survey to identify the core, multi-disciplinary team that will participate in the PA PQC (including the Learning Collaboratives) and lead the quality improvement initiatives at your organization.

Apply here to participate in the Patient Safety Fellowship as a mentor for the Fellows and for the PA PQC Patient Safety Award. $1,000 is available per provider site for the first 15 sites that apply to participate in Patient Safety Fellowship and Awards and report baseline data for the PA PQC’s metrics. $3,000 per site is available for the 5 sites that will be selected to mentor Fellows and be a nominee for the Award. One of the nominees will be awarded the $20,000 PA PQC Patient Safety Award.

To join the PA PQC as a health plan, please complete this survey to identify the core team from your health plan that will assist the participating PA PQC providers in your network.

The PA PQC held an introductory webinar about the PA PQC on March 11, 2019. The presentation can be downloaded here and the recording can be viewed here.

The Learning Collaborative sessions will allow participants to:

  1. Report out on what is working well and what is not working well
  2. Learn how their peers in Pennsylvania implemented key interventions for achieving the common aims around maternal mortality, OUD, and NAS
  3. Hear from content experts about how to implement the key interventions
  4. Identify ideas for starting quality improvement cycles around maternal mortality, OUD, or NAS once they return to their organization

For general questions, please use the contact form below.