Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Newborns with NAS 5X Longer Hospital Stays
(average of 17.1 days)

PA Health Care Cost Containment Council
  • Increase reliable screening of opioid-exposed newborns
  • Increase the percentage of opioid-exposed newborns who receive non-pharmacological treatment
  • Increase the percentage of opioid-exposed newborns who room together with their families during the hospital stay
  • Increase breastfeeding among mothers with OUD
  • Decrease length of stay for newborns with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
  • Increase well-child visits among newborns with NAS
  • Decrease preventable hospital readmissions among newborns with NAS
Key Interventions
  • Attaining high reliability with NAS scoring using validated screens
  • Standardizing non-pharmacological measures for opioid-exposed newborns
  • Standardizing pharmacological interventions for newborns with NAS
  • Ensuring a safe discharge
  • Supporting the mother and baby dyad with wrap-around and follow-up services in the community