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Wendy Davis: Are We Being 'Too Nice'?

Date Created: March 17, 2017 02:20 PM
Author: Pat Mastors


Wendy Davis, a former Texas State Senator and would-be governor says "...all this "pent-up, good girl behavior" hasn't gotten us where we need to go.
Wendy Davis: Are We Being 'Too Nice'? Image
Former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis - Getty Images

Warning: the article linked below is long. But it's a fascinating read about a women who became a feminist icon overnight by championing abortion rights during a filibuster on the Texas statehouse floor. She's started an organization whose goals and mission are so closely aligned with WHAMGlobal, it seems like a sister effort...though Davis has her sights on the full range of gender equities inclusive of health care.

There's a lengthy interview with Davis published in Vox, "Wendy Davis on why women need to drop the "being nice" act: For feminism’s future, former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis says it’s time to set the stage for women to succeed." It reports: "As women strike, march, and embrace electoral politics in unprecedented numbers, Davis is ready for the future of feminism. She says now is the time for women to show their power to resist assaults on their rights and to strategically move forward together."

Add this item to your reading list. Meantime...are we being "too nice" to be effective?

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