The Women’s Health Activist Movement (WHAMglobal) empowers women to advocate for their own health and that of others.


Women are the healthcare decision makers for families and they comprise the majority of the healthcare workforce. They understand what’s needed and bring unique voices that champion safe, compassionate, and equitable care.WHAMglobal advocates have the power to transform and create a healthcare system by women and for everyone that better serves patients, families, and their workforce!


WHAMglobal provides engagement opportunities such as in-person creative community events, online communities and actions, and financial support of groups making a difference in women’s health in their communities.


WHAMglobal understands the value of gathering networks of advocates to transform care. It also recognizes the importance of collaboration in order to identify how services are truly delivered. Transformation is impossible without understanding what’s already been done, who are the stakeholders, what are the lessons learned, where there is room for improvement, and how to move forward—together.


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