Upcoming Learning Collaboratives

Upcoming QI Collaborative Virtual Meetings

The QI Collaborative Virtual Meetings will review the collective impact on the PA PQC’s common aims and feature peer-to-peer learning opportunities to further inform the quality improvement work of the PA PQC teams in-between the Learning Collaborative sessions. These meetings will focus on the PA PQC’s core aims and key interventions for maternal Opioid Use Disorder and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.




Upcoming Team Talks

The PA PQC’s Team Talks are designed for the PA PQC’s complementary initiatives: immediate postpartum LARC (IPLARC), Moving on Maternal Depression (MOMD), and the PA AIM Severe Hypertension and Racial/Ethnic Disparities initiative. The Team Talk meetings are initiative-specific, and the PA PQC teams that are participating in one of these initiatives are invited to attend the Team Talk meeting that pertains to the initiative in which the team is participating. During the Team Talks, each team will have an opportunity to share successes, challenges, and tactics and to learn from each other in a facilitated peer-to-peer learning environment. If your team is not participating in one of these complementary initiatives and focusing on quality improvement projects related to maternal OUD and/or NAS, please attend the PA PQC’s QI Collaborative meetings for additional support and guidance in-between the main quarterly Learning Collaborative sessions.